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Immunity Collection Vitality Shots (4fl oz)(sold in packs of 4)
Turmeric & Ginger
Camu camu
Coconut Water
( each bottles is carefully crafted with the above ingredients for best results)

Our defender packs are loaded with health properties.  Keep your immunity strong and healthy 

What you get in your defender shots that packs a punch

Ingredients  such as black pepper which helps to increase curcumin absorption  in the body when paired with turmeric.

Ginger helps with the circulatory system which may help to support the immune functions and may   also help to fight bacteria

Apples are a good source of vitamin C and is loaded with antioxidants which may help to regulate a healthy immune response

Lemons are packed with vitamin C and possesses  antiviral and antibacterial properties

Camu Camu is packed with vitamin C and is superfood which is high in  powerful plant compounds, packed with antioxidants.

Our products are NON-GMO
No sugar added-  No preservatives

Immunity Shots

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