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Our Story

I have learned that drinking fresh pressed Organic juice is the best way to get the nutrients into the bodies fast and effectively, and we need them right away! I have also learned how our body system works, what the body needs to stay healthy. With the proper nourishment some conditions may even be reversed I have done some extensive research , travelled met with a couple of herbalist Dr. and wellness coaches on  exploring the many benefits of juicing and  healthy living as well as  learning the medicinal effects and benefits that fruits and vegetables  from the earth has.

I recall back in 2015, weighing over 200lbs. I  decided to change the way I see food and start taking care of me. I was never a fan of vegetables yes you heard it right here, but I knew that vegetables were the best foods you can consume. So I made it my business to invest in myself.  I would buy a variety of fruits and vegetables and experimented with the tastes, learned how to combine juices from various fruits and vegetables, and understand what they do to for my health. I was my own tasting guinea pig and was happy to learn first- hand, the changes and improvements that were taking place in my body.After faithfully drinking fresh juices of fruits and vegetables for some months, I saw remarkable improvements in my health.

I began to feel less tired, needing much less sleep and feeling energetic most days. I no longer have non-bowel movement problem, my memory began to improve, I  felt like a new person. Over time, with proper detox and nutrition, I was able to maintain and stabilized my weight. I see new hair growing. My facial complexion began to glow and the scaly skin on my legs is now smooth. My health had taken a 180 degree turnaround. Juicing is now my “Life Insurance Policy.”

I was amazed at the results and the effectiveness of the juices, I decided to make juices for my family, my friends and my coworkers, the feedback and stories were astonishing and humbling. I then introduced my famous three day Majestri cleanse to my friends and family and now in the marketplace through online orders, pop ups ect.. and the results and feedback was again overwhelming. I wanted to share my story and my juices with a larger market, which is how I formed my company Majestriraww Juice. Being a coach and a mentor to others through  my juice and sharing  my story is the ultimate goal and landmark of my business. It was a long journey of a changed lifestyle and continues to be, where I attribute my healing to the amazing wonder of natural healing foods and ground provisions from out of the earth. I have personally developed my juice brand known to many as Majestriraww Juice.


While I am still a small local company, we have managed to change many lives  and helped healed many, spiritually, mentally and physically with my amazing organic juice blend combinations.  My long term goal is to open a couple of juice bars within the Tri-state area, and local supermarkets and health food stores within the United States

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